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Wrestling- Then & Now- The Movie is a documentary from noted underground film director Dwayne Walker and the Associate Producer of The Wrestler, Evan Ginzburg.

Go on the road with Evan as he talks to the greats of the sport in a film that has something for everyone.

If you’re a fan of “old school”- who better than the late, great Killer Kowalski, Nikolai Volkoff, and Don “Dr. Death” Arnold to show you the ropes as they talk about not only wrestling but their philosophies on life and the extraordinary experiences they’ve had travelling the world?

And if you’re a fan of today’s wrestling, see a young, outspoken Homicide, hardcore icon Lowlife Louis Ramos and indie stars from coast to coast like The Mambo King talk about all aspects of the sport: injuries, “the road”, the women’s division, overzealous fans, the ever-present “paying dues,” and much, much more.

Plus one of the casualties of the wrestling game, Tiger Khan, talks about the path he was on- filmed just a few years before his untimely passing at age 33.

It’s a film that takes you deep inside the pro wrestling world- and particularly the real East Coast indie scene.

And for you fans of women’s wrestling, you don’t want to miss the clips of ultra stiff body builder, Kasie Kavanaugh, in her ring debut with former WWE worker Bryan Walsh. This is something truly different.

Click here to download your copy.

Tiger Khan: Requiem for the Universal Man

Tiger Khan was poised for greatness. According to Jeff Archer, despite his in-ring shenanigans as a bad guy from India, he was a most humble and quiet human being. By 1998, he was the champion of the Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling organization. Rarely did someone his age wear the belt of a pro wrestling promotion. At age 25, Tiger had all the credentials to go to the top of his career.

He was found dead in his Anaheim apartment at age 33. This documentary features previously unseen footage of Tiger Khan and his parents being interviewed by Evan Ginzburg (associate producer, The Wrestler), and memories from the wrestling community (including Leapin’ Lanny Poffo). The footage of Tiger Khan in his apartment was shot during the production of the indie wrestling documentary, Wrestling Then and Now.

Tiger Khan, along with Killer Kowalski and Don ‘Dr. Death’ Arnold, appear in Wrestling Then and Now. Those three are no longer with us. Yet, we can still remember their presence through videos and photos on Instagram, YouTube, and a variety of social media. 

James Brewer’s Erotic Playing Cards

The Forbidden Deck, aka James Brewer’s Erotic Playing Cards, combines music and a Ken Burn’s effect to Brewer’s work. Inspired by death cards used by troops in Vietnam, Brewer turns it into a celebration of life. His cards have sold out and are now collector’s items. This short, which was screened in gallery and museum shows wherever his cards were on display, remains the only way (short of knowing a collector) to experience this dazzling combination of sensuality, fire works, and drawing with light.

James Brewer graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology. His clients have included Avon, Thomases English Muffins, Harcourt Brace Jovovavoich and many motion picture companies.

Dwayne Walker, producer and editor of James Brewer’s Erotic Playing Cards, is the director of the cult movie, BIBLE MADNESS, and the documentary WRESTLING THEN AND NOW.

They Didn’t Forget

Victory Christian Academy was a girls home in Ramona, CA. Children were made to do construction work at the home. One died as a result. The women return to plant a tree in memory of their fallen school friend, and to share with others who have been victimized, harmed, or worse at some of these facilities.

The current proprietors of the property allowed the women to walk through the facilities and remember.

The teen behavioral modification industry is a billion dollar business, largely unregulated, leaving a trail of human wreckage in its wake. Some claim to have been helped through unlicensed boys and girls homes but a growing amount of survivors are stepping forward with their accounts.

For more info:

Bible Madness

My first feature length motion picture, Bible Madness, came out in 1994. It had two theatrical screenings, including one at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood back in 2005. Film Threat magazine called it “An absorbing and thoughtful meditation about the role of religion in contemporary society.”

It was available on Amazon Prime for three years until, for reasons unknown, it was removed from their catalogue. This movie has been broken up into a five part web series, and may be viewed by clicking here.

Civilized Discourse: An Interview with Steve Allen

Steve Allen, founder of the Tonight Show, producer of Meeting of Minds, composer (This Could Be The Start of Something Big), reminds us of the virtues of civilized discourse. This interview was taped in the early 90s, but is very applicable today considering how critical thinking appears to be discouraged at every turn.

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