Bible Madness

“If Kevin Smith had made “Dogma” as his no-budget debut instead of “Clerks”, the result might have been something like “Bible Madness.” Scott Von Doviak, Film Threat

Classic Underground Film! Pete Jackson and Roger Bunyan knock on doors asking people, “If you were to die right now, would you go to Heaven?” Roger has political ambitions. Pete Jackson, played by Bart Aikens, meets Diana Murphy (played by Joanne Rubino) a woman who was abused by a church leader. She has rid herself of fundamentalist ‘demons’ by becoming a female bodybuilder.

The young Bible college student is eyewitness to the spawning ground known as ‘stealth candidacy’ in the 1990s. Running on safe issues only to switch tactics, after elected, to moral issues like abortion clinics and creationism in the public schools. The environment which helped create Trump Madness for our time! Trip with me back to the mid-nineties to soulwinning Southern California…Jack Chick Lives!😇

Includes the short ‘fake’ coming attraction, Don’t Go In The Church!

Click the poster to see the movie:







Cut and paste this link in another browser if above doesn’t work:




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