You NEED Personal SEO!

$500.00 Personal SEO Package.
Video Marketing, promoted with SEO techniques, is now a fact of life. And it’s not just for companies! Do you need a video for your profile at Linked-In?  Or perhaps a video for your dating profile?  Will you be in Las Vegas for a few days and want a documentation of your trip?
This is also true for job hunting, as well.
The days of paper resumes have not exactly ended, but they have taken third place with strong business profiles.  A good video will bring more visitors to your site than just plain text.  Video has brought 30% more viewers to businesses.  Shouldn’t video be doing the same for you?
For job hunters:
I will make you two videos.
One would be a personal documentary that shows who you are, your accomplishments, interesting stories, and, most important, testimonials from clients.  Photographs and ambient shots of you in action can spice up a video.  And the most important thing: subtitles.   Even those who are not hard of hearing may not want to disturb their co-worker.
The second video would be you looking straight at the camera and introducing yourself to future employers.  I can come to your location with a green screen kit, or I can use your natural environment.  You would wear a lapel microphone to optimize sound so you can be clear to future employers what you will bring to their company.
For Social Media profiles:
Same thing as the job hunter video with one video being an introduction into who you are and what you are looking for. And the second video a documentary of  your vacation or enjoying your favorite activity.
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