Entrepreneur Package

Entrepreneur Package – $1000.00
A promo video shot on site in either your natural environment or with a green screen. Uploaded and ranked using SEO techniques and optimized to increase the web presence of your business.
Videos will not only increase your online presence by 30%, but will create a connection between your business and your clients.  There will be a human face to the company as you, or a spokesperson, explain the history and benefits of your product or services.  A good webpage will have an introductory video explaining what you have to offer.  A testimonial video where your clients appear on camera to not only praise your product and services, but to also demonstrate how your business helped change their lives.
We will first meet and discuss your goals with the video.  I will write a script based on our interview, or if you have a script we can work with that.  Once you sign off on the script, we can prepare for a shoot.
This will be a two camera shoot that will last approximately four hours.  It can take place in your office or other location.  A green screen can also be provided with business or artistic images in the background, or anything else you might deep appropriate.  You will have a lapel microphone for clarity.
I will edit based on our script.   The video will be sent via dropbox, or I can send a link to the video, and you can make critiques.  I will revise the video so it matches your vision. The Entrepreneur Package allows for up to ten revisions.  The hard copy of the video will be delivered on both a DVD and flash drive.  I can also upload to your website, and to social media.  It will be ranked for the highest optimization to draw people to your site.
Contact Dwayne Walker at (702) 937-5804, or fill out this contact form.
Let’s get your business off the ground with a great promotional video!