Video Samples

Walking Tour of Fremont Street East,  Las Vegas, Nevada.

There is more to Las Vegas than the Strip, so check out this video where I take you on a tour of Fremont Street East. The historic El Cortez casino, the giant praying mantis in front of The Container Park, Atomic Liquor (the first bar/package liquor store in Las Vegas) and the birth of the arts and entertainment center we call Fremont East.

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by Deanna Booher

Queen Kong invites you to experience the Golden Age of Mud! Vintage mudwrestling, pictures from her illustrious career as Matilda the Hun in the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, Hollywood actress in movies such as SPACEBALLS and TV Shows like MARRIED WITH CHILDREN and NIGHT COURT. Plus, reserve your advanced copy of her revealing autobiography, GLAMAZON QUEEN KONG: MY LIFE OF GLITTER, GUTS, AND GLORY! by Deanna Booher.

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“Each Dying Breath” Babylonian Tiles

“Each Dying Breath” Babylonian Tiles from Dwayne Walker on Vimeo.

Bryna Golden performs Each Dying Breath. Videotaped and edited in 2000.

Babylonian Tiles
“Each Dying Breath”
©1987-1999, Bryna Golden, all rights reserved
(p) Chich Belly Music (BMI)

Bryna Golden – vocals, keyboard
Tim Thayer – guitar
Brian Schreiber – drums
Videotaped and
Edited by
Dwayne Walker
© 2010 all rights reserved

 The Last Fundamentalist

Three generations of women are molested by the same pastor. A man with vast political connections and megachurch. Why isn’t Dr. Roger Bunyan, Jr, held accountable? Who else knew? The Last Fundamentalist explores the conflict between fighting abuse while attempting to stay true to the doctrines of religious fundamentalists who demand obedience , submission, and silence.

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