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Victory Christian Academy was a girls home in Ramona, CA. Children were made to do construction work at the home. One died as a result. The women return to plant a tree in memory of their fallen school friend, and to share with others who have been victimized, harmed, or worse at some of these facilities.

The current proprietors of the property allowed the women to walk through the facilities and remember.

The teen behavioral modification industry is a billion dollar business, largely unregulated, leaving a trail of human wreckage in its wake. Some claim to have been helped through unlicensed boys and girls homes but a growing amount of survivors are stepping forward with their accounts.

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by Deanna Booher

Queen Kong invites you to experience the Golden Age of Mud! Vintage mudwrestling, pictures from her illustrious career as Matilda the Hun in the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, Hollywood actress in movies such as SPACEBALLS and TV Shows like MARRIED WITH CHILDREN and NIGHT COURT. Plus, reserve your advanced copy of her revealing autobiography, GLAMAZON QUEEN KONG: MY LIFE OF GLITTER, GUTS, AND GLORY! by Deanna Booher.

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Christian School Confidential, a fundamental satire, by Dwayne Walker

“Dwayne Walker has been able to capture the truth of abuse that stayed in silence for too long. It’s truly a page turner. One I did in one sitting and a book I would read again.” Wayanne Kruger, National Child Advocate/Author

Is the successful prosecution of a child abuser necessary in order to put the past behind us? Are those who have been cheated by an inept prosecution to be denied closure?

Sarah Starr teaches fifth grade English at Diadem Christian Academy in Crane City, California. Adam, her husband, is pursuing a masters in biblical studies when both learn troubling news. Chelsea, their daughter, claims she has been abused by Dr. Roger Bunyan, Jr, the founder of their bible college and former pastor of Diadem Baptist Church.

Sarah and Adam want to do the right thing by scripture. Instead of withdrawing her from Diadem Christian Academy, they keep Chelsea at Diadem to teach her that Christians can resolve their differences in a godly manner. Sarah’s odyssey takes her on an insane journey into the absurdities of fundamentalism, Christian education, abusive children’s homes, mission board policies, internet advocacy, politics, entertainment and mass media evangelism until she witnesses the disturbing, but inevitable, conclusion.

Christian School Confidential spans three generations of abuse. This novel demonstrates how true closure can be found in a society where both the justice system and religious institutions actively work to sabotage that goal.

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This is the place where your fashion dreams become a reality! Whenever I’m out on the town, like this photo taken at the Orange County premiere of GLOW: the story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling demonstrates, that’s what I’m always wearing!

This promo for the Hollywood company features an interview with Zigwear creator and designer, Terry Christenson. Madame Sunset and her Hollywood Kittens (from the banner at the top of this page) are the featured models!


Madame Sunset:

Protesting Southern Baptist Sissies: The Landover Baptist Church Protest

 Rev. E. Dwayne Looper from Landover Baptist in Freehold, Iowa, has loaded the family into the SUV and drove to Hollywood just to protest Del Shore’s SOUTHERN BAPTIST SISSIES! This was shot circa 2000. Just before the first Bush election.

Look for Emmy Award winning Leslie Jordan give a toast to ‘backslidden baptists and sinners everywhere!’

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