Psychological Time Travel, and other unexpected benefits of cutting the cord.

I cut the cord. Packed up the cable box, remote controls and took ’em down to the cable company. Still keeping the internet, though! I’m not really sure I’m saving money. If I purchased all the streaming channels I wanted, I’d be back in the same boat. Either way, $248.95 is too much to pay for channels I may never watch and that’s what my company billed me for last week.

Taking control of your viewing habits is like switching from a fully automatic car to driving a stick shift. Slightly annoying, but you still control the speed. Watching television hasn’t changed, the only thing changing is how you watch it.


ME-TV is the only channel I wanted that did not survive the transition. One of the habits I acquired during the lockdown was watching Svengoolie, a horror movie host who goes back to the early 80s. It was not streamed on any channels! What to do?

I stopped by the Petrol Truck Stop and bought a digital antenna for only $9.95. ME-TV came through crystal clear. There was not any loss in quality. The only challenge was I had to be in front of my television set at exactly a certain time or else I would miss the show.

What in the name of nostalgia hell is going on here????

Bowman Body

I got home, quickly prepared my food,went to bed, and turned on the TV to watch a horror movie host. Live on tape! And I could not leave without missing anything! The last time I watched a horror movie host, with the threat of missing anything if I left the TV room, was when I was eleven years old and watching the Bowman Body in Virginia.

It was psychological time travel!

Psychological Time Travel is probably the central reason many tuned into this horror movie host, especially those who found cable too expensive and had to cut the cord. I posted this sentiment on the group web page and was surprised at the warm feelings generated on this thread. One person wrote how she makes way to get in front of the television set on time. Just like it was in her youth!

I’ve lost track of how many movies I have recorded on a DVR and have yet to watch. It really wouldn’t be a problem to bring out the old VCR and see if I still remember how to program it, but who cares? If it’s only to be aired once, perhaps the experience will be valued more? Appreciate everything now because nothing can be re-experienced quite the same? Perhaps in the cutting cord, I really haven’t saved any money, but I gained wisdom?

Don’t get me wrong! If some streaming channel picks up Me-TV, I’m there. I like streaming. For the moment, this is the closest I have to a weekly religious ritual.

Quick, Svengoolie’s on! Gotta get off the computer now, or I might miss it.