The Walkertown Report

The Harry Mohney Erotic Heritage Museum is filled with artifacts reflecting the erotic history of the world. It is a tribute to a genre art that many are trying to destroy for political or religious reasons. Victoria Hartmann, the director of the Erotic Heritage Museum, gives us some background on the museum as well as the need to preserver erotic art.

We also talk about reopening after the Covid 19 quarantine. How will Covid 19 affect sex lifestyles?


Kelly Scwarze, director of Abigail Haunting and owner of Indie Film Factory, discusses the changes happening in the movie industry and Covid-19 is affecting everything from production to a simple night at the movie theater.


Andy and Arlene Sidaris, the husband and wife team behind such drive in/adventure classics like HARD TICKET TO HAWAII and PICASSO TRIGGER, were interviewed by me back in the mid 90’s. Also included in this interview is Playboy playmate, and Sidaris star, Dona Spier.