How To Shoot Naked Ordinary Women

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George Metivier let me use one of his images to sell my movie, Bible Madness. I also hired George for a shoot with the model, Venus, who appears in my latest movie, How To Take Pictures of Naked Ordinary Women. That was the name of a booklet George sold at Glamourcons, nightclubs, lifestyle conventions, and anyplace else where he was welcome.

He was a fixture at Vampiricus, a goth nightclub in Long Beach, California. He took photos of the pleasantries, sold his photographs and greeted new models. Those who posed for him created unforgettable images that would be scene in alternative magazines from the late 90’s.

George had two studios and three residencies when I knew him. This compilation of photo shoots shows one of his apartments while the shoot with Gina was videotaped in my condominium. Carol, his wife, created masks that were used in his photos and also sold at shows where George’s art was on display.

Kelly Renee, their daughter, was the creator of Cone of Silence, a zine which chronicled her passions and struggle with growing up with a photographer who took erotic photographs with models young enough to be her friends. She also created this work featuring former Biola student and pin up sensation, Bettie Page, for my zine, Christian School Confidential.

Bettie Page, Patron Saint of BIOLA. Artist: Kelley Renee.

Money was a struggle for George and, even though he received a pension from the military, there was a struggle and then a turn to some dark times. Kelly would attempt suicide in Seattle. The doctors managed to save her life, but unfortunately she escaped from the hospital and her body was found a few miles away.

Carol passed away a few years later. James Brewer, a photographer whose works I displayed at the Subversive Art Fest (which also included works by George Metivier), called me in 2014 and told me George had passed away. I could not find any obituaries then and, even today, there are still no obits or records to even show that he walked the earth: outside, of course, of a few google sightings of his photographs.

The whole family has been wiped out in the shadow of gentrification. His apartment, which might have been $800 in the 90’s, is now $3000! Would he have even been able to survive in our Covid world of plagues and uncertainties? What I can tell you is that everytime I visited his apartment, there were new images I had never seen seemingly coming out of nowhere.

He photographed celebrities, the John F. Kennedy administration, curated historical photographs that were later sold to the Long Beach Historical Association, documented the Southern California goth movement, his photos are still displayed in some coffee shops in Long Beach, California. And yet, where are the rest? I do not believe he had a will. Those images are floating in the unknown and hopefully they will get rescued by collectors on the internet.

My contribution can be seen in this video , the Eternal Vampiricus, a tribute to the late, great gothic club with photographs by George Metivier.

Civilized Discourse: An Interview with Steve Allen.

Steve Allen, founder of the Tonight Show, producer of Meeting of Minds, composer (This Could Be The Start of Something Big), reminds us of the virtues of civilized discourse. This interview was taped in the early 90s, but is very applicable today considering how critical thinking appears to be discouraged at every turn.

They Didn’t Forget

Victory Christian Academy was a girls home in Ramona, CA. Children were made to do construction work at the home. One died as a result. The women return to plant a tree in memory of their fallen school friend, and to share with others who have been victimized, harmed, or worse at some of these facilities.

The current proprietors of the property allowed the women to walk through the facilities and remember.

The teen behavioral modification industry is a billion dollar business, largely unregulated, leaving a trail of human wreckage in its wake. Some claim to have been helped through unlicensed boys and girls homes but a growing amount of survivors are stepping forward with their accounts.

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Wrestling Then and Now

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From acclaimed director Dwayne Walker and Evan Ginzburg- Associate Producer of The Wrestler comes this full length documentary features Killer Kowalski, Don “Dr. Death” Arnold, Nikolai Volkoff, Homicide, and many more
The Reviews are in for Wrestling- Then and Now:
“Wrestling Then and Now- The Movie was a fantastic documentary…Killer Kowalski and the late Tiger Khan and so many have been a part of WT&N newsletter and are now further immortalized on film. It’s a wonderful piece of history and Art and I can’t wait to re-watch it all over again!”
Mike Lano, radio host and wrestling writer/photographer/historian
“Wrestling- Then & Now- The Movie is a must see for both die-hard fans as well as casual fans of the sport.”
Brett Schwan, wrestling journalist
“An interesting, entertaining and informative documentary. Evan Ginzburg intelligently shows perspectives from Pro Wrestling’s past, present and future performers as well as their fans. You don’t have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy this video, it’s that good!” -“Your Role Model” Ric Lieb, indy wrestler & co-host for Smart Mark Radio “Wrestling Then and Now is a MUST for any wrestling fan. It was great to see my old deceased friends, Killer Kowalski and Tiger Khan. It was also great to see Evan Ginzburg, Don Arnold and Jeff Archer!”
Lanny ‘The Genius’ Poffo, WWE legend
“I got it very soon after it was released…EXCELLENT….you covered it all very well.”
Geoff Brown, wrestling historian (Australia)
Wrestling- Then & Now is available for rental or purchase at  Whether you’re “old school” or love the wrestling of today, you won’t want to miss Wrestling- Then & Now the movie.
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The Forbidden Deck: Erotic Playing Cards and other Gambles by James W. Brewer.

James W. Brewer’s “Erotic Playing Cards and Other Gambles” is the centerpiece of this video which places emphasis on the history of playing cards, then shows the detailed work put into this 52 works of erotic art by designers Heidi Lichfield and William Chadwick. I created this video for a gallery show on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.

Click here and visit the Gallery of ‘Erotic Playing Cards and Other Gambles’ to view each work by itself. Watch the video for the fine attention to detail!

Occupy Eros: Requiem for a Photographer

A tribute to the photographer, George Metivier. Highlighting over 50 years of erotic photography!

Visit the Gallery of George Michael Metivier to view more of his photographs. NOTE: YOU MUST BE 18 OR OVER TO VIEW! Click here to view more works by the late, great photographer.

Bible Madness

The 1996 cult movie about two fundamentalist Baptist college students witnessing in a swinging singles complex. Pete Jackson is obsessed with the salvation of a female bodybuilder and his soul winning partner is contemplating sacrificing his spiritual integrity for politics.

“If Kevin Smith had made “Dogma” as his no-budget debut instead of “Clerks“, the result might have been something like “Bible Madness.” Scott Von Doviak, Film Threat