Welcome to Walkertown Travels

beachWelcome to my travel blog!  My name is Dwayne Walker. I am a videographer and tour  guide living in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

My first job as a tour guide was at Casa de Shenandoah, Wayne Newton’s estate.  This was when he first opened his home to the public in 2015 and I was the first generation of tour guides.  We got to meet Mr. Newton on a number of occasions and received answers directly from him regarding the interesting collection of horses, cars, antique furniture and many more collectibles that are on display.

There is more to Las Vegas than the Strip, so check out this video where I take you on a tour of Fremont Street East.

My work as a videographer stretches over twenty years. I have worked for Matilda the Hun from the 80’s cult television show, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, interviewed Steve Allen about a number of controversial subjects, edited and directed Wrestling Then and Now, which was produced by the associate producer of Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler, and that movie can be downloaded on amazon.com.

Here you will find videos and articles on subjects related to travel, visits to historical places (both known and not so well known), and interviews with entertainers and innovators.  I also videotape and edit weddings, documentaries, and SEO videos catering to the travel industry. 

If you wish to contact me for any reason, send me a message by clicking this link.

Enjoy your stay!