Your business needs video marketing!

realestatevideoexpert1I find myself amazed, and somewhat envious, of business owners who have no need of web pages, seo, or video marketing. Such people probably made their fortune in the pre-internet days before the ninties and, because of perfectly execute business plans still enjoy an enthusiastic client base without the pressures of being on page one of google!

The rest of us? We have no choice but to adapt. The strongest businesses are those that understand this principle. People are most likely at work when they are viewing your website and only have time for videos under 60 seconds.  Sometimes, even that is too much! A well edited series of videos shows respect for your client’s time and viewing situation.

I have produced marketing videos and executed seo strategies for motion picture and television producers, writers, health enhancement, and on-line training businesses.

If you have an on-line business, you need video marketing to connect with your growing client base.  I can help!  Contact me at (702) 937-5804 or fill out this contact form and let me get your page the attention it deserves.

Dwayne Walker

Las Vegas, Nevada