Wrestling Then and Now comes to TUBI and Nuclear Home Video.

Wrestling Then and Now, the underground movie about indie wrestlers on the East Coast back in the early 2000s, is now on Tubi and will also be streaming at Nuclear Home Video shortly! Evan Ginzburg, the associate producer of the award winning Darren Aronofksy film, The Wrestler, was the producer of Wrestling Then and Now.

Wrestling Then and Now was once described by Nikita Breznikov (the manager of Nikolai Volkoff, who appears in Wrestling Then and Now) as the ‘documentary version’ of The Wrestler, even though Wrestling Then and Now came out years before the Aronofsky film.


Wrestling Then and Now CURRENTLY STREAMING on TUBI! Watch the podcast by clicking here: https://youtu.be/eFYfCKDudQI

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Killer Kowalski, Don ‘Dr. Death’ Arnold, Tiger Khan, Nicholai Volkoff, and other legends who no longer walk among us are in Wrestling Then and Now. The movie is available as a download on amazon.com, but now there is an opportunity for people to watch this movie without having to pay for a download.

Click here to watch the movie on TUBI.


STILL Streaming on Amazon’s Direct Video!   

From acclaimed director Dwayne Walker and Evan Ginzburg- Associate Producer of The Wrestler comes this full length documentary features Killer Kowalski, Don “Dr. Death” Arnold, Nikolai Volkoff, Homicide, and many more
The Reviews are in for Wrestling- Then and Now:
“Wrestling Then and Now- The Movie was a fantastic documentary…Killer Kowalski and the late Tiger Khan and so many have been a part of WT&N newsletter and are now further immortalized on film. It’s a wonderful piece of history and Art and I can’t wait to re-watch it all over again!”
Mike Lano, radio host and wrestling writer/photographer/historian
“Wrestling- Then & Now- The Movie is a must see for both die-hard fans as well as casual fans of the sport.”
Brett Schwan, wrestling journalist
“An interesting, entertaining and informative documentary. Evan Ginzburg intelligently shows perspectives from Pro Wrestling’s past, present and future performers as well as their fans. You don’t have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy this video, it’s that good!” -“Your Role Model” Ric Lieb, indy wrestler & co-host for Smart Mark Radio “Wrestling Then and Now is a MUST for any wrestling fan. It was great to see my old deceased friends, Killer Kowalski and Tiger Khan. It was also great to see Evan Ginzburg, Don Arnold and Jeff Archer!”
Lanny ‘The Genius’ Poffo, WWE legend


“I got it very soon after it was released…EXCELLENT….you covered it all very well.”
Geoff Brown, wrestling historian (Australia)
Wrestling- Then & Now is available for rental or purchase at Amazon.com.  Whether you’re “old school” or love the wrestling of today, you won’t want to miss Wrestling- Then & Now the movie.
Watch it now by clicking here.


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