Will You, Or Someone You Know, Hand Out Chick Tracts for Halloween?


Jack Chick, the publisher of Christian comic tracts, died on October 23, 2016. Most of his tracts were controversial. In the 70s, fundamentalists criticized the sexuality in his tracts that were evidenced by lurid pictures of Eve (where strategically placed bushes and trees kept viewers from seeing her nakedness).

There was also the comic where a black nurse gave mouth to mouth resuscitation to a white woman. This was controversial in the early seventies and possibly led to Chick being stereotyped as a liberal, more laid back, version of Christianity. That came to an abrupt end with the publication of comics like Alberto (about a Catholic priest spilling the beans on alleged Satanic ritual abuse in the convents and monasteries), The Broken Cross about alleged witches controlling small towns in Northern California, and a variety of tracts linking gays with contaminating the blood supply with AIDS or exposing feminists as ‘witches’.

He was fake news before fake news became popular! He was a reclusive fellow who did not want his picture taken. Not while he was alive anyway! Following his death, pictures of Jack Chick started appearing over the internet. Because of fundamentalist connections, I was able to meet Jack Chick to discuss a movie he wanted to make that eventually became The Light of the World.

That meeting was detailed in Dan Raeburn’s book, The Imp, which was also referenced in a number of articles about Jack Chick. In this premiere episode of The Last Fundamentalist, I talk about my encounter with Jack Chick back in the mid-1990s. We talked about John Todd who was the source for his comic book The Broken Cross. Todd claimed to have been a member of the Illuminate and, if that’s enough, said he was related to the Collins family (as in Barnabas from Dark Shadows). People bought it and Jack Chick was a pioneer in the ‘Satanic panic’.

The year was 1978. Jack Hyles, a popular fundamentalist preacher, had come to our church and told us Satan was going to destroy our pastor. Armed with Jack Chick’s THE BROKEN CROSS, we began our hunt to find these evil Satanists who threatened Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. Without revealing any spoilers, we did find evil, but not where you would think!

Yes, we were ‘looking for Satan in all the wrong places!’

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