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This is the home of The Walkertown Report, a web series available on Facebook and YouTube, that spotlights the challenges of artists and businesses in this Covid 19 world.

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Jimi Starr’s Memoirs of a Mack

Jimi Starr is a pimp turned politician. He has written his biography, Memoirs of a Mack, which will soon be available at his website, jimistarr.com.

I had the opportunity to help him put together a trailer for his book, which is based on real life experiences. Jimi hearkens back to the days of ‘The Mack‘, the 1973 movie about a pimp and the temptations he faces after getting out of prison. Jimi’s story has the twist that he became a union chairman for transit workers.

His story is fascinating and you can read more in this article from SF Weekly.

Special Announcement about the Re-Opening of America.

As we come out of the Quarantine period, we realize how important our on-line presence is. There are businesses who never had to deal with teleconferencing, suddenly having to do just that!

If you are transitioning for a more on-line presence, then drop me a line at (702) 521-0576. Or, just fill out the contact form by clicking here.