The Walkertown Report

selfpicMy name is Dwayne Walker.  I create content and provide video marketing and seo services to businesses and individuals. Have been since 1999!

My clients have included the late Walter ‘Killer’ Kowalski, ‘Matilda the Hun’ from the 80’s cult TV Show, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, Allen Brannum Promotions, Zigwear Faux Fashion, and Evan Ginzburg, the associate producer of Darren Aronofsky’s award winning motion picture, The Wrestler. My projects have been noted in numerous articles from Brill’s Content, the L.A. Weekly, and Los Angeles magazine. 

I am travel historian/writer who is also a certified tour guide with the Las Vegas Tourists Guide Guild. 

Let’s get your product or service the web presence it deserves.

Feel free to browse through my movies, zines, and free downloads. Plus, enjoy my latest podcasts at Walkertown Video Marketing’s Official You Tube Channel. Enjoy! 

Thank you for visiting Walkertown Video Marketing.



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